My Picks for Video Game Music

Sticking with the theme for today, first up are tracks from Super Mario Odyssey.

This one gives off a vibe of wonder and curiosity. Sounds a little christmas-y with the bells and what not.

This one is my favorite by far. It’s just-so-jazzy! It’s simple, but I could listen to this one for half an hour straight.

This one is relaxing. It’s soft, peaceful, and, well, PIANO!

Next is a remix by a youtuber name Qumu. Me and Anna really like this one.

Pretty cool right? Sorry about those little “Mario?” bursts, I couldn’t take those out.

This next one so cool! I like the 8-16 bit parts, very interesting.

I promise you you are going to like this next one. It’s spanish themed, it’s got a really catchy tune. The story behind this one was I heard it one a youtube video, than¬† I searched all over to find it. I found it, but it wasn’t this version, so I looked around until I found it, and then I played it, and then I loved it.

That is all for today! See you next week!

Bye, Ethan.


Good Sonic Music

Hey, something a little random, but I wanted to showcase some music that’s just plain good.

This one is happy. I know it isn’t fitting as we are going into winter, not summer, but it’s still a good one.

This one is very upbeat. I like listening to this one when I’m worried about something, and it makes it better. It makes feel like: “I can do this!”.

I recommend the entire sonic colors soundtrack. It’s really good. Above is a playlist of all of them.

I give you three from Sonic Mania. Each one is unique, and really good. Give them each a listen.

This isn’t the only post I’m going to make today, so bye – for now.

The Full Story of Our Trip Part 6

I’m back! I missed last week, I was sick. I will not be doing a Lego build today because I went backpacking the whole weekend. (More on that later.) Anyway, Holland! (I forgot a bit about Holland, so this won’t be as in-depth as I would’ve probably liked.) First things first, our house we rented was in a nice little summer home place….thing? Yes, summer home, so that means people went there for the SUMMER, not the SPRING. We learned that one the hard way. Our house was a nice place with a loft for me to sleep in and Daddy to work in, a bathroom, living room, a master bedroom, Anna’s bedroom, and a kitchen. Next, the weather. I think everyone reading this blog post knows our “interesting” experience with the weather. Cold, rain, hail, and more! If you want to have miserable weather, come to Holland! Still, the nature there was really pretty. Wild horses ran unchecked! We lived in Egmond aan don hoef. Look it up! I will assure you it, in fact, is a real place. We got bikes there, and a wild horse once jumped out of the bushes and ran parallel with me. I went a little ahead of it, so it looked like it was almost heeling to me like a dog. I saw a couple with a baby staring at me, and I wanted to say, “Oh yes, this is my horse, do you like him?.” I didn’t say that though. In Holland, we went tons of places. First up was the Anne Frank House. Man, was the weather miserable that day! It was a culmination of all the problems with the weather listed above. The house was cool, though. It had all the rooms from the book in it with startling realism. The visit made me read the book, which, if you haven’t already, you should read. My sister, Anna made a review of it in her blog if you want to check that out. The url is the following:¬†

That’s all for today, folks! Do you want me to keep making these longer ones?



Bricks for the Seasons-Fall-Week 2

Fall-a season of fun, but also school. So for this weeks build I built some pencil boxes.

They are useful for storing pencils, pens, and markers. The build is very easy, just as you have a lot of bricks of the same color. Again, these posts will be short to write, hard to make the stuff for. Also, new and improved header! Do you like it? Also, give me ideas for the next build!