Tipper Turnfield (Part Three)


I was on a journey to give a message to the dwarves, whose fortress was in a patch of uncharted snowy mountains. Walking around in the cold, I thought about my summons? Invitation? To a meeting? Party? All I really knew was that Tibeon, the now grown-up Captain of the Guard, would be there. I wasn’t sure about him yet. Calling him a friend would be an overstatement, but I wasn’t enemies with him, oh no. Besides, I didn’t see him much. After all, I was just a messenger, with only the King and the elvish princess ambassador Terra Kesk giving me messages to deliver. Speaking of the elf, I thought she was nice, but she seemed – uncomfortable. Probably because she wasn’t used to all the humans around her. Naren was a real criminal now, but I didn’t mind. Although, she had also gotten political, and had opinions about Castle Rolk’s upper class that she didn’t regret saying. I chuckled to myself when movement caught my eye. It suddenly got very foggy and misty, and the mist was coming from a source, like smoke from fire. the source was an egg. I picked it up and stared at it in wonder. I didn’t know dragons lived up here. Normally they laid their eggs on dragon island. Well, maybe it was a special kind of dragon, and I picked it up and moved on. It was a very special dragon indeed.

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Tipper Turnfield (Part Two)

***********************************Six Years Later*****************************

A messenger from the King comes to my house. “The King requests an audience with the Halfling Tipper Turnfield. I came to the door. “What for?” “We need a messenger, I hear you’re fast.” I was fast, sure, but why me? “Why me?” “We need a Hobbit” Suddenly I understood. There was a rumor of evil rising in the northern islands, but I didn’t think they would come to this. “Sure-I mean- Yes” I said. I’ll go pack my bag. The King was trying to gain support from all the races. There was probably a Ambassador of some sort from the Elves, a warrior from the Dwarves, and maybe even something from the Centaurs. I felt proud to be the representative of the Hobbits, and I thought I could do well as a messenger. My parents also led the Food Import from Erebos, so that helped. I realized I was leaving for Castle Rolk, and maybe I’d see Naren. I hadn’t seen Naren in at least a year, and I wonder what sort of trouble she was getting into.  Naren and I had been friends since the first time I met her, seeing her everytime me and my family went to import the food. We made good use of all the dark alleys in Castle Rolk, and made the young captain of the guard’s life miserable, like stealing his birthday cake one time, or scaring him with messages that said stuff like: “Beware! Were coming back to get you!”. I chuckled at the memory. Messages. That’s what I’d be doing now. Maybe see some Elves, and Dwarves, and maybe a creature we don’t even know about yet! And maybe, just maybe, I’d get my own dragon! “Hmmmmm” I’d like my own dragon. And so, I packed my bags and left for Castle Rolk, running all the way.

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Tipper Turnfield (Part One)

Here is a bit of a story I’m working on, At least, kind of a story.  It is about my character. Hope you enjoy!

Hello. I am Tipper Turnfield and this is my story. It started fifteen years ago on a sunny day in the town of Erabos. I was big, for a Halfling at least, as I am Half-Human. I have brown hair, brown eyes, and pretty much brown everything else. Ever since I was young I liked to run, and I was pretty good at it too. I tried doing a lot of things like: magic, (I failed), blacksmithing, (BORING) and sword-fighting. (alright) I have always preferred a short sword to a long one, and I am downright lousy at archery. I hate hot, hate cold, like just right. I love reading.

My childhood was frankly very uneventful. I ate, I slept, I played with the downright psychonuerotically disturbede neighbors kids, I built things, (Some kind of worked, the rest exploded) and I went to the castle. My family and I went to the castle every year to import the food. I liked the place. I climbed about every tree in it and there I met Naren.  I first found her in a dark alleyway. Something about her drew me in. Probably the cake she had in her hands, eating. “Where did you get that?” I asked. “Stole it” she bluntly replied.  “From who?” “Tourists” “Am I a tourist?” “yes” “are you going to steal from me?”   ” ‘pends ” “On what?” “What you ‘ave” I emptied my pockets. “Nothin’ really. Just some walnuts I got from a tree” ” Can I have some?” “Sure, can I have some of your cake?” “yup” and so our conversation went. She, unbeknownst to me, followed me home, and preceded to wake me up in the middle of the night. “Where are you taking me?” I asked. “Stop asking questions” she whispered back. We approached a large building. ” ‘ats where Tibeon Thullson lives. Everyone thinks he is going to be the next captain of the guards.” “Oh, do you think he’ll be a good one?” “No, he’s a jerk.” “Oh” I said again. I had never heard that word before. “Why are you so short?” she rudely asked. “Oh-uh-I’m a Hobbit.” “Oh you’re one of the small things that bring in the food, right? I’ve never seen one before. The guards clear all the “rapscallions” so the Hobbits see a clean, nice city.” “Oh….Ah…yes. I’m seven.” “Good to meet you. I’m eleven and my name’s Naren. What’s yours?” ” ‘Mines Tipper” “Bye Tipper” she said as she scampered off into the moonlight. “Great.” I thought “Now how do I get home?” It was a long night.

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The Twelve days of SWTOR

Hello all! I have been playing some Star Wars the Old Republic, and I made a little silly song about my experience with it.


On the first day of SWTOR the developers gave to me, a droid in a dark and spooky cave.

On the second day of SWTOR the developers gave to me, two Flesh Raiders,

On the third day of SWTOR the developers gave to me, three Manka Cats,

On the fourth day of SWTOR the developers gave to me, four Tythonian Seekers

On the fifth day of SWTOR the developers gave to me, FIVE JEDI MASTERS!

On the sixth day of SWTOR the developers gave to me, six Carths-a-whining,

On the seventh day of SWTOR the developers gave to me, seven gangs-a-busting,

On the eighth day of SWTOR the developers gave to me, eight Kira’s snarking,

On the ninth day of SWTOR the developers gave to me, nine lightsabers dueling,

On the tenth day of SWTOR the developers gave to me, ten companions healing,

On the eleventh day of SWTOR the developers gave to me, eleven Sith killing,

On the twelfth day of SWTOR the developers gave to me, twelve Emperors zapping,

Something short and silly, but it will do.



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I sadly report that the big project I was working on has to be postponed to after christmas. 😦 I had it finished yesterday but I saved it to the wrong file type, and it is pretty much gone. I need to start the editing from scratch and, frankly, it’s Christmas Eve. I don’t want to be editing! I need to wrap some presents and stuff like that! Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and, well, a happy new year!

See you…sometime…



Hello! Five days till christmas, huh. I am working on a big project, and it will be post-worthy either tomorrow or the day after that. But until then, to all a merry wednesday and to all a good day! Or something…