In which I talk with an elf. Tipper Turnfield (Part 8)

Huh, apparently she did know a lot about dragons. After a while, she asked another question. “What do you want to know about dragons?” I picked a safe answer. “You’d better come to my house.” When she got to the house, she reacted a bit different then Naren. “Interesting” she said, and moved in for a closer look. “Grey, furry, foggy,- She paused- never seen anything like it!” “This will be fun!” She exclaimed. I was a bit dumbstruck. “Fun?! You think this is fun?! I have a live dragon IN MY HOUSE and you think this is fun?!” I collapsed into my easy chair, well worn past my breaking point. To make matters worse, she started laughing! “Why are you doing that?” I croaked, my voice hoarse. “Hobbits.” She replied. “The Elves need to visit some more Hobbits.” “They would cheer them up greatly, even in these dark times.” Despite the laughter in her voice, a dark tone conceived itself at the last part of her burst of merriment. “Dark times? What were you talking about in that meeting, anyway? Also, you have not stated why this will be fun.” I said, annoyed but vaguely interested. “Why is this fun, you ask?” she said, ignoring my first question. “Raising dragons is one of the Elves favorite pastimes. To train a living, intelligent creature to your fullest intent and having it bond with you is magnificent! I will gladly help you raise your dragon, if that’s what you want.” She replied. “Thanks!” I said, not wanting to lose her. “But isn’t raising dragons nasty and uncomfortable?” I said. “If you mean hard work, yes. But hard work isn’t nasty and uncomfortable at all, by my standards. “It isn’t?” I said, with my expression so downcast,  Terra burst out with laughter yet again. “It surely isn’t.” she answered, trying to suppress her giggles. “Alright then, we’ll do it.” I finally relented, knowing that it was the best thing to do. “Great! We start tomorrow!” and promptly left. Two odd visits in one day. Had to be a record. Exhausted from sitting, I fell asleep.

Thank’s for reading! If you’re wondering, No, the “Exhausted from Sitting” part is not a typo. I meant it. Bye!


In which I eavesdrop. Tipper Turnfield (Part 7)

The castle loomed over me. I knew what I had to do, and everyone in the castle knew me, but still, It was scary big. The guards greeted me, and I wandered into the castle. I meandered through the halls, stopping at different chambers to listen in on what was going inside. Nothing much, the only people in the chambers were dignitary’s from far off lands, most didn’t speak common anyway. I advanced to the council’s chamber warily. I heard hushed voices sounding through the door. I caught snatches of information, like “The enemy is moving from the north” with the sound of rustling paper. I knocked. The door opened to Tibeon, Terra, and a few stone-faced generals sitting at a table with a map of Meldonia spread across it. Dragon Island was circled in ink, which I found strange. Why would the king be interested in dragons? We already had plenty in the dragon stables. “Hi” I said. “Hello Tipper” Tibeon said. He sounded worried, maybe I’d heard something I wasn’t supposed to hear. “Sooooooo,” I started, but Tibeon interrupted me. “We were looking at maps.” He blurted. “What do you require?” he said, his expression pained. The generals were staring daggers at me. “Ummm, I want to speak with Princess Kesk, if you will.” I stuttered, and everybody looked with raised eyebrows at Terra, but seeing that she was as surprised as everyone else, they went back to glaring at me. “Alright then.” she replied, polite as ever, though still shocked. After we had left the room, she asked me the question. “What is it?” I replied with my own question. “What do you know about dragons?”

In which Naren is (Still) annoying. Tipper Turnfield (Part 6)

Well, dragons grow fast. He was now one and a half feet long and a foot high. Naren found immediate delight in him, feeding whatever she found to him. “Your going to make him fat!” I complained, but she did not reply, whether she heard or not. “He’s cute.” she said, after a while of me glaring at her. I took a second glance and had a double-take. He WAS cute. He smiled at me with his bright orange eyes and I could not resist sitting down with Naren and fawning over him. After my wits were restored, I asked Naren what to do with him. “Keep him, of course” she said, and I stared at her with my mouth open. “Keep it! It will eat my house out of my home! How will I keep it a secret!” “Hmmmmm” she replied “I don’t know” I was about to have a meltdown then and there, when Naren said “Thanks for asking me, but I don’t know about this sort of thing. You know who would?” “Who!” I said, at the edge of my seat. ” An elf. They know all sorts about dragons. But where you’ll find an elf you could trust, I don’t know.” she said, and then began feeding the dragon the rest of the contents of my pantry. “I got to go.” She said and ran off. I stood there staring after her for a minute straight, thinking besides the oh-so awkward brunch with Tibeon, that this was the strangest visit I have ever experienced.

My “New” Room

Hey! for the last few weeks our family has been working in my room. It is painted and decorated now! Here are some pics.


The view from my doorway.






My new shelf.


A lego scene of Tatooine




Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.





After the long day’s work.


That’s my “New” room. It’s crazy! It feels if I’m in a whole different room! The green is called “Bunker Hill Green” by the way. It goes well with black furniture. Anyway, that’s all! Do you like the new theme? Do any of you have suggestions about what I should do on my blog for the future? I have LOTS of ideas but some suggestions would be nice.  Also, check out my new “Music of the Month” and “Calvin and Hobbes of the week” widgets! Bye!

In which Naren is annoying. Tipper Turnfield (Part Five)

Hey! Another rainy day, another blog post.

Talking to Naren is hard. Along with trying to convince people that Guacamole is evil and raising a dragon, actually “talking” with Naren is – Difficult. After waxing politics for an hour, she asks me: “So, what’s goin’ on?” “Ummmm -” How should I put this? Should I scream HELP! and grovel at her feet? Or should I play it cool and go: Hey, I just found an incredibly rare dragon and I’m raising it in my house, so if you want to see it, feel free. Or maybe I was overthinking this. I went for a grey area. “I found something in the mountains, I wonder if you could help.” “What” “You’ll see” “What” “Come on” “What” That’s how it is. No surprises. “Dragon” “Oh.” We walked in silence. “What kind” “Ummm-Grey” “Not a kind” “I don’t know!” “Oh.” I’d known her for a while and she still refrained from using more than one or two syllables. Except when talking politics, and then she used all sorts of fancy words that she didn’t really know the meaning of. When we got too my house, she casually opened the door like she was just strolling in her house. “That was locked!” I squeaked. “I’m good with locks.” She said, like it was nothing. Then I saw the dragon.

Sorry it was a short one today. Maybe I’ll write again this week. Bye!

In which it hatches. Tipper Turnfield (Part Four)

The egg still has not hatched. It sits in my closet and produces mist. I have even tried breaking it open, but that didn’t work either. Every time I open the closet door, mist blasts out and I have to open all the windows to air out my house. One morning, I woke up and found that it was not there. I worried that someone stole it, but the egg was broken open like it had hatched. Trust me, you could NOT break that egg. I hit it with a war hammer, dropped a multi-ton weight on it, and it stayed fast. I felt insulted, that the dragon would hatch when I was sleeping, and then, to, as the saying goes, “Put Lemon Juice on the Wound”, or something like that, he up and left! I supposed it wasn’t natural for a dragon to be raised that way, but it’s not like I could just stroll up to Dragon Island and put him there! I was about to pick up a funny book to make me feel better when I reached out and felt something on my bed. It was furry, like most things were on my bed, but I couldn’t actually see what I was touching. And then I could. I jumped back and hit the bookcase. It is not pleasant to have the complete history of Meldonia fall on your head, I will assure you. The thing that appeared was a small baby dragon, about a foot wide, and six inches tall. It was covered in rich fur, unlike most dragons, who had reptilian skin. Another thing that was unlike dragons was the color. Grey. Normal, boring grey. The most interesting thing about him (or is it her?) was the tail. It was wreathed with mist, constantly undulating and weaving along. I had a dragon. What should I do first? I turned to my now unsorted bookcase. “What do you do if you find a dragon”  should be in “D” for “Dragon” (Yeah, I had a whole section on dragons.) but now it was on the floor. I picked up the chapter for “Dragon just Hatched”. But before I read, I looked for my Encyclopedia of Dragons. No dragons with misty tails. Strange. I went back to the other book and began reading. It said:

Step 1: TELL SOMEONE. It is never good to have a dragon on one’s hands alone. Consult a friend, or an authority on dragons.

Hmmmmm… Who should I tell? I jumped immediately to Tibeon. He knew all about dragons! But….. could I trust him? I could never figure him out. Was he trying to be friends with me because of- well- me? Or was it to be nice because he needed the hobbits on the Kings side? Tibeon didn’t care much about that sort of thing. He probably thought he could defeat all army’s by himself. Most likely it was that he was trying to humor a socially awkward bookworm and keep his “illustrious” reputation. That marked him off the list. What about Naren? Yes, I trusted a thief more than a trustable figure, but I think I could trust her. I set off to find whatever gang meeting or prison she was holed up in.


Thanks for reading! I made a long one today for fun. Also, no offense Micah, this is what my character thinks of yours. Bye!

In which I find something. Tipper Turnfield (Part Three)


I was on a journey to give a message to the dwarves, whose fortress was in a patch of uncharted snowy mountains. Walking around in the cold, I thought about my summons? Invitation? To a meeting? Party? All I really knew was that Tibeon, the now grown-up Captain of the Guard, would be there. I wasn’t sure about him yet. Calling him a friend would be an overstatement, but I wasn’t enemies with him, oh no. Besides, I didn’t see him much. After all, I was just a messenger, with only the King and the elvish princess ambassador Terra Kesk giving me messages to deliver. Speaking of the elf, I thought she was nice, but she seemed – uncomfortable. Probably because she wasn’t used to all the humans around her. Naren was a real criminal now, but I didn’t mind. Although, she had also gotten political, and had opinions about Castle Rolk’s upper class that she didn’t regret saying. I chuckled to myself when movement caught my eye. It suddenly got very foggy and misty, and the mist was coming from a source, like smoke from fire. the source was an egg. I picked it up and stared at it in wonder. I didn’t know dragons lived up here. Normally they laid their eggs on dragon island. Well, maybe it was a special kind of dragon, and I picked it up and moved on. It was a very special dragon indeed.

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