My Picks for Video Game Music

Sticking with the theme for today, first up are tracks from Super Mario Odyssey.

This one gives off a vibe of wonder and curiosity. Sounds a little christmas-y with the bells and what not.

This one is my favorite by far. It’s just-so-jazzy! It’s simple, but I could listen to this one for half an hour straight.

This one is relaxing. It’s soft, peaceful, and, well, PIANO!

Next is a remix by a youtuber name Qumu. Me and Anna really like this one.

Pretty cool right? Sorry about those little “Mario?” bursts, I couldn’t take those out.

This next one so cool! I like the 8-16 bit parts, very interesting.

I promise you you are going to like this next one. It’s spanish themed, it’s got a really catchy tune. The story behind this one was I heard it one a youtube video, than  I searched all over to find it. I found it, but it wasn’t this version, so I looked around until I found it, and then I played it, and then I loved it.

That is all for today! See you next week!

Bye, Ethan.


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