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Musical Themes

I don’t have enough time to put out a full Tipper story today, so I will cover another topic. (But don’t worry, Tipper’s in the works)

Musical themes are awesome. Every character should have it’s own, unique theme that expresses their character. I will go through some of my favorite themes, then add some themes to my existing characters.

First off, each superhero has their own theme. Each theme perfectly fits the character. For instance, Spiderman: 

This theme calls back to the original spiderman song, and blends it perfectly into this theme. It’s not as grand as some of the other themes, but perfectly suits the character, just like the suit. The second half of the suite is the main theme of the villian, the vulture. It’s honestly pretty scary, and is a great villain theme.

The next superhero theme I will be looking at is Batman. Everyone knows him, his theme just fits.

It’s dark and sinister, it’s rooftops on a gloomy rooftop (this was a mistake but I decided to put it in because I”M BATMAN), it’s Batman! This theme, though old matches up with the character of Batman to a T. I also really like the part with the organs, teasing his main villain.

That’s enough for superheroes, though.

Here is another popular franchise: BUM BUM BUM BAAAAAAH BAHHHHHHH…..It’s Star Wars.

There are lots of good character themes from the Original Trilogy, The Prequels, and the new stuff too.  Here are two good ones:

Rey’s theme:

This one pictures a naive girl, from the middle of nowhere. It’s very subtle, and I really like it. The use of bells and flutes solidify this fact. It puts in some Star Wars-esque big violins, and those work very well. Fun Fact: John Williams composed this masterpiece when he was 82-83 years old. 83! 

Anakin’s theme:

This is an awesome theme, but the best part of it is the musical foreshadowing. It starts out whimsical and ends with the imperial march, the theme of Darth Vader.

I missed so many themes, I know, but these stood out to me. I wan’t to now assign existing themes to my characters.

The theme of Tipper Turnfield:

This one is hard for me, I can’t just assign him a theme, he’s Tipper, basically the main character of my blog. So I’m thinking a mix of two themes:

I’m thinking the theme of “I Am The Doctor” with the instruments and part of the theme in “Old Friends”. Basically,* make the first theme seem for fantasy-y and less sci-fi-y.

Setioc Haven is a character I have not introduced yet, but I have a perfect theme for him. He wields the staff of truth (and deception) So this theme fits his slightly insane, clumsy, genius nature.

Naka Hawke is another character I haven’t introduced yet, but he is an over the top, angry, selfcentered wielder of the staff of hate. If you don’t feel like listening to an angry heavy metal song, than please do not have a listen.

This probably isn’t my most fleshed out post, but I wanted to make it anyway. So……Bye!


In which I learn (Tipper Turnfield part 13)

Do you like the Morph picture for my header? Photoshop is awesome. Anyway, it’s been far too long.

I flipped through the pages, feeling like I had been doing this for months. Well, time flies when you’re having fun, or something like that. (I was never very good with the Naren-isms) It had a whole lot on dragons. I stopped to look at some of the pages. “Ice dragons, they really are just good for cold weather, they don’t really breathe ice like the myths say.” or, “Pretty sure Lightning Dragons don’t exist, Lightning isn’t the kind of thing dragons are known for, anyway.” I found a page that looked interesting: “Take a normal dragon, right? They can breathe fire. Some people have the misconception that once you bond with a dragon, you gain its abilities. This is false. The fiery breath is double false, as it is not an ability more than it is anatomical. But if a fire dragon, for instance, can ignite itself, then the trainer (you) can NOT ignite yourself. Bonding with a dragon simply means that you can work with them. You know their thoughts, or in the example of the fire dragon, are immune to the dragon’s fire when you ride it. For more specification, see page 764.” “So you mean,” I said aloud “That when the dragon ignites while you’re riding it, you will not burn up. I guess that makes sense. Explains how when Morph teleports, I can stay with him instead of falling off like an.. an…” I thought of the right form of abuse. “Idiot, that’s it!” (Hobbit forms of abuse mainly apply to plants or food. Rotten is one of the more popular terms because that applies to both food and plants. Rolk speech is much ruder, and generally frowned upon by more respectable folk )  I swiped through the pages faster. It was probably getting dark outside. But then again, who would miss him? Maybe being alone had its benefits. “You’re not alone” I heard, and jumped! But it was only Morph, reminding me of what he was there for. “Thanks, Morph” I whispered, not sure if he could hear me, but don’t do that again! It’s creepy. I shivered. Hobbit’s had much more terms for fear than abuse. We even had a word for when you swear somethings behind you. It’s Sweyevolled. A mouthful, I know. I normally felt this feeling when Naren was around. I was usually right. I blinked and refocused. I could get a little carried away at times. When I turned the page, I found what I was looking for: The title read: “Phantom Dragons”


This chapter was mostly fluff, I’ll admit, but I want to ease back into writing more Tipper, so I don’t want a huge plot point to drop when I’m feeling rusty. Besides, the more Hobbit Lore, the better!



The most recent post I made was a little cryptic, so here is some more information.

I am making a sequel to a short film I made last year. It will (hopefully) be out by spring 2019. However, my actors are very busy and I am not quite sure that they will be available for shooting, so this project isn’t 100% guaranteed. All goes well, I should be able to get this project underway pretty soon. I am mostly still going for a comedic tone, and it will probably be a few minutes longer too. I can’t wait! Can you?

Tipper Turnfield: In which I am NOT dead. (Part 12)

Well, I’m not dead. This is the first thing I need to communicate. I may have taken a tumble, but I am not dead. I woke up in Castle Rolk in a cot with Morph snoring nearby. What had happened? I studied Morph and I jolted alert, memories flooding in. I remembered the Jeznik, and the strange Elves, and I remembered a shockwave of gale force knocking me out, then the view changed. These were Morphs memories. Him surrounding me with his mist, and carrying back to Rolk. Before I got too sentimental, however, Morph, yet again, jolted me back to reality and told a crucial piece of information. Nobody knew I was here. “Hey, Morph, can you do that invisible thing?” He vanished, though part of me knew exactly where he was. “Can you make me like that too? He looked at me expectantly, and sent out a clear mental message: “Try it.” He wasn’t speaking, but I could understand what he was saying. I thought like I had with the Jeznik, and the world once again burst into a cloud of mist, and I was obscured. “Great.” I thought, “Now for some incognito research.”


The Library of Rolk, though not comparable to the Golden Library of the Elves, was sizeable, and had information even the Elves did not have. I looked around at the rows of books, feeling proud. Most of the information in these books was based off messengers findings, as we were not only messengers, but Rolk’s main source of information. For this was not an ordinary library, but a vault of intelligence, locked away to the public. Messengers, even Forerunners, were only allowed in here for a need-to-know basis, in other words, we were only allowed to go in, grab the book needed for our mission, read it in a separate chamber with a guard watching over you, put the book back, and go out. The security seemed overkill, but some of Rolk’s, and the entire kingdom of men’s greatest secrets resided here. Still invisible, I scanned the shelves for the book I needed, where the secrets of Nengo Vikta, the most famous Forerunner, resided. Its name?                                                                          “On Dragons”