Day of Dust: Under Review


Book Reviews! Everyone’s favorite. I have dabbled in them before, but it didn’t work out too well, so I’m doing it a different way this time. I was going to do Hattie Big Sky first, but…. Well, do you know how difficult it is to edit yourself in a book cover? The one above was pretty difficult in itself, and the one for Big Sky is going to be even harder. First I thought I was going to draw myself in, but then I remembered something! My skill level in drawing is below zero. Oops! Thank goodness for Photoshop! Anyway, the book we are looking at today is Day Of Dust, a dystopian novel written by my friend Ellie Cummins.  Now there are two things you must do if your friend publishes a book.

1. You buy it. Twice. Once on kindle, once as a normal book. (Kindle so you can read it faster)

2. You try to find a character based on you in the book.
Me? I’m pretty sure I’m the errand boy, who represents Micah’s forgotten childhood. Or something like that. (Side note: I don’t think this is actually true, but it was funny the way Anna said it, so I’m still leaving it in.) Anyway, The main protagonist is a teen-aged orphaned boy named Caius Faulk. He’s having issues because he saw his parents brutally murdered. Ouch. His sister, Katia Faulk, is having issues because she DIDN’T see her parents brutally murdered. Ouch? She climbs a forbidden mountian to deal with said issues and sees her beloved town like it is on the (Cymbals crash) DAY OF DUST. What is the (Cymbals crash) DAY OF DUST? Ha ha ha can’t tell you it’s SPOILERS! Katia runs down the mountain and finds Caius, who just got dinner from the grumpy baker. She tells him what she has done, and he decides that it sounded pretty darn cool. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, The guy who runs the place (Called the Administrator) has a daughter. Everyone is told she’s crazy, but actually… well, she is still kinda crazy. She sneaks downstairs and eavesdrops on her father. Who reveals the whole plot sixty pages or so in. Everything is an illusion! These things on all the people’s wrists, the cuffs, sorry I didn’t mention those, make the city look nice! The (Cymbals crash) DAY OF DUST is the one day every eight months when the cuffs fail. And they also like hide the consequences for peoples sins or something… Anyway, the girl (Vail) has to tell someone! Caius and his friend, Benton, climb up the mountain-or at least, Caius does. Benton decided to turn back before it was too late. Caius pretty much stays up on the mountain all day, while Katia is being enlightened by a girl named Anna. I wonder who that could be? Turns out it is………. Vail!!! Caius eventually gets home and Katia gives him the briefing. Now he’s convinced he needs to get out of here. He meets up with an outsider named Rudy that can give him, Katia, and Vail a ride out of there. But.. remember his friend Benton, he turned Caius in! And so, Caius is thrown in jail. Katia devises a plan to break Caius out and Vail helps. Together, they decide what must be done must be done. Vail is going to break the illusion. In the prison, Caius breaks his cuff and sees that the prison is pretty run-down. He tries to scrape away at the walls and they break! Cement, or something like it, crushes him to the floor, unable to move. Sounds Great! How’s Vail doing? She managed to break the system, and now the illusion is broken. It is a dirty grimy city. Because of this, the cuffs go haywire, shocking anyone who is wearing one. Katia and Rudy rush to help Caius and when they get there, someone else had the same idea. Benton felt bad for what he had done, so he was trying to file the lock. When the whole, cuff shocking starts, Rudy breaks Katia’s cuff, and goes to break Bentons, but he runs away. They file away at the lock until it breaks, then they unbury Caius. Meanwhile, Vail’s on fire! Back to Caius…. They run back to the city, the grumpy baker tries to kill them, they rescue Vail, and Rudy goes to get the ship he works on to take the three of them away. Caius feels guilty to leave everyone he knew here to chaos, and decides he will stay. He tells Rudy to take good care of his sister and the book ends.
This is the part when I say my opinion: Good. The end. (Just Kidding)
First: The book was decently sized, but kind of felt like a long short story. If you’ve ever read a short story, it goes like this: Characters Introduced, Plot Introduced, Climax, Resolution. This book kind of goes like that. The characters are introduced in the first few chapters, the plot is introduced in the nest few chapters, than the climax of breaking the system, then the resolution of Caius staying behind. There was not a whole lot of suspense, as things happened right after each other, but it’s not great to have too much suspense, or your reader will just drop dead. The characters were good and fleshed out, though they were all a bit dramatic at times. But all in all I have to seriously commend the author. The book was dystopian, which is really easy to get wrong, especially for a first book. But the author knew her stuff, and pulled out with a great novel. Fun Fact: Every single characters name, is real. Yup, look em up. Caius means “Joy”. Vail means “Lives in the Valley”. Anyway, this post is getting really, really, really long, so see ya!



Tipper Turnfield (Part 10)

By soon I meant two weeks. Duh.

The day started as a fairly normal one. I attempted to get up, I failed, I tried once more, failed again and finally got up for real when a loud knocking at me door aroused me to the fullest. Oh right! Terra was coming to do something about the dragon! She came in, had some tea, and we got straight to work. “First of all, you need to know how to feed him. Give him fresh raw meat for about the first week and then he’ll be able to hunt” “Wait what?” I started. ” We’re going to talk about food first? Before giving him a name? Also, it’s a he? How should I know that! And what’s this about hunting?” ” Calm down Tipper.” She soothed. “Don’t be so high-strung. But to answer you questions, naming a Dragon is extremely important. We can’t do it before it has at least bonded with you. If it bonds with you, that is.” I still had tons of questions. What was this about bonding? And why was she so doubtful about me? Maybe I was being too high-strung. I calmed down. “All right.” I said. She smiled. “Now for the fun part!” She proclaimed. “Dragon Riding!”

Talk about failure. The first few tries he teleported away before I could even do anything. Even worse, sometimes he would fly a few feet in the air, and then teleport away, leaving me to fall back to earth. Each time I royally plummeted, Terra frowned, leaving me with a sinking feeling in my chest. When I went over to talk about it, she said “I’ve seen this happen before. You see, some dragons, like Tibeon’s, Go to every single one of a certain – position of sorts. Tibeon’s dragon, (I forgot) goes to all the Captains of the Guards. The Captains of the Guards (Again, I forget) Doesn’t like, he goes away and comes back for the next one in line. I have a feeling, Tipper, that that dragon really does like you, but cannot bond because you’re not of a certain position.”  “Oh.” I murmured.  I was proud that the dragon liked me, But I was angry that he would not bond with me just because I didn’t have the right job. Unless…. I ran inside and grabbed my sword, Phantom. I raced to the dragon and held it up to him. His amber eyes glowed. Gray and white mist appeared around him and went into me. I yelped. I felt like I had a seperate set of eyes and brain. A child’s yes, maybe an infant’s but a mind all the more. “What-just-happened?” I stuttered. Terra’s eyes were glowing as bright as my little dragon’s. “He appeared and hatched for you because of who you are. He bonded with you because of what you became.” The words were on my lips. “Forerunner”

Thanks for reading and have a great day! Sorry that I forgot your dragon’s name, Micah. Also sorry to the CumminNs for botching up your name in the short film post. Anyway, See ya!

One Year!

It’s been one great year of blogging. On april 18th of 2017, I started this blog. We were in our apartment in the Netherlands at the time, and I really wanted to do one. My first post was called: My New Blog. It had a cute hedgehog picture and a short introduction to my blog. Then I started posting pictures about our trip. My first successful attempt on writing on my blog was “Our Trip to Eftling” Which everyone liked. Huh, maybe I wasn’t that bad at writing. I tried a book report, but I didn’t do anymore because I wasn’t good at shortening down the book into a synopsis. I tried a whole bunch more things, most were okay. Then I started my “The Full Story of Our Trip” Series so I could write some more about our trip. I liked that series a lot, but I still felt I could write some fiction. Then I started doing posts about video game music, which was more for me then anyone else. In the summer, my posts were far and few between. Finally, in the fall, I started a schedule. Every wednesday. That schedule has kept up until today. I started a lego series, which was good, but took a lot of effort. Around the christmas season, I was working on a big project. That was all I was working on. Then around a few days before Christmas, I realized I was focusing TOO much on my blog. I wasn’t even thinking about Christmas and what to get people. The project was scrapped. I took a long siesta from my blog and enjoyed the holidays. Cut to mid January. Our friends and we played a game that they had invented called “Meldonia” which was a LOTR inspired world. I made character and they urged my to write about him. Tipper Turnfield was born. (Actually the name Tipper Turnfield was made in an apartment in China, but that’s a story for another day) I started writing an introduction to my character, not really a whole story, but that’s what it evolved into. It is the best thing I have wrote on my blog, and the series isn’t ending soon.

Now that was the past of my blog, here is what to come.

I am planning a whole bunch of things for my blog, most I am sure will be hit or miss, but I’d like to try some new things.

  1. Videos that maybe are informative, try to make you learn something, Game design and whatnot.
  2. Funny videos: Zelda Botw series maybe.
  3. Lego stuff!
  4. Probably some silly songs or poetry about my experiences with video games or something else.
  5. More Tipper of course!
  6. Films maybe.

Those are some of the things I consider doing, also maybe a collab with Anna. I might also make a new blog, a blog less personal that anyone can see. None of my readers will be interested in it, but I want to make a blog dedicated to well……Smash! (If you don’t know what this is you probably wouldn’t be interested in the blog I might be making.)

Also some thank you’s. Thanks to the Cummins for inspiring me to make this blog! Thanks to my Dad for making it happen! And of course, THANKS TO MY READERS! Thanks for all your positive feedback! If you have anything that you want me to put on this blog, feel free to say so. With all that said and done,


In Which I Have Brunch

I am still on the “Stuff I Missed” part, so try not to die in suspense while you are waiting for the continuation of the dragon training. Anyway, remember when I talked about the awkward brunch with Tibeon? This is it.

Tibeon ordered that we have brunch. He explained it was like elevensies, but formal.  We went to a pub, which is the closest to a restaurant you get in Castle Rolk. He came at eleven on the dot. He ordered some weird crab thingie, which you shouldn’t be able to get at a pub, but he was the Captain of the Guard, so I guess it really didn’t matter. I went for some tea. We ate in silence. Trying to break the ice, I attempted to speak, but he was staring at me so intensely that I think he was trying to bore into me with his eyes. We had a staring contest. He won. Rock, Fire, Water. He won. What could I win? He would best me at everything! Except…… I ordered two drinks. The Game was afoot. The great thing about Hobbits is that we can’t get drunk. The same is unfortunately not said for Tibeon. I had to carry him out, head first. After the brunch I started a diary. Here is a series of unfortunate entries that led to me writing all the wrong questions.

I practiced archery today and something climbed up my arrow and bit me.

It swelled up and it hurts.

Still hurts

I hit it with a fork and it popped.

Now there’s goo coming out of it.

I asked Tibeon and Naren about it. Naren said to suck it up. Tibeon said to pour lemon juice on it.

I did what he told me to. It hurt.

I asked Tibeon why it hurt and he said “Amryl Fools”

I do not want to be a fool, especially on the first of Amryl.

What hurt me? Was it a shrunken dragon?

What else breathes fire?  Naren says it is an ant.

I don’t get it. My aunts would never do a thing like that.

Tibeon says that ants are bugs and bugs are small things that live in the ground.

We have no “Bugs” in Ebaros.

It has just turned into a scab.

Crisis Averted.

I stopped writing a diary after that.


Hi! This is Ethan. Next week is the first anniversary of my blog! Thanks for being with me for a whole year. I have really enjoyed blogging and can’t wait to reach the two-year mark. Bye!


In which I am promoted. Tipper Turnfield (Part 9)

You may have forgotten that I am my own editor as well. Past me was so caught up in the dragon business that he forgot about something important. Typical me. But I can’t blame myself for forgetting to write this, finding a dragon can be traumatic. Anyway, I’m sure many of my readers are asking about work. The crew of messengers was small. There was me, two men, and another Hobbit, of shorter stature. This fellow also loathed me, probably because of the above reason. Always playing with my sword, or tying my shoelaces together, or pushing me off cliffs. (Long story, ask later) The two big people’s names were Lebagon and Frankincense. My first mission was an interesting one. The four of us were on a mission to the dwarves, to get some weapons. Tibeon apparently had a friend at the dwarven fortress, but all dwarves look the same, and I don’t like dwarves very much anyway. On this mission, the Dragon Incident happened, though past me didn’t elaborate that I wasn’t alone. I simply walked out of camp for a short walk, and the egg was right there. I didn’t tell anyone about said egg, though Vippy (The other Hobbit) complained about fog coming out of my tent. When we came back from the Dwarves fortress, Two of us were stone drunk, and me and Vippy had to carry them back to camp. After the mission was over, we voted on who would be the leader if the messengers, or the forerunner. It came to Vippy or me. We would race for the title. Vippy was called out to be a messenger for a reason. He was fast. I was losing. Looking back on it, I don’t know how I won that race.  Towards the end of the race, a burst of strength carried me over the finish line. The dragon egg was in my pocket. The dragon had probably lent me some of his strength. No wonder the egg took so long to hatch. With the title, I got the sword. It was a short sword, and had a wave design etched into the metal. “It is the sword all the forerunners get.” Tibeon explained. “Does it have a name?” I asked, awe on my face. “You name it.” Tibeon said, “each forerunner does”. The blade glowed with a ghostly light. “Phantom.” I decided. I name it Phantom.