The most recent post I made was a little cryptic, so here is some more information.

I am making a sequel to a short film I made last year. It will (hopefully) be out by spring 2019. However, my actors are very busy and I am not quite sure that they will be available for shooting, so this project isn’t 100% guaranteed. All goes well, I should be able to get this project underway pretty soon. I am mostly still going for a comedic tone, and it will probably be a few minutes longer too. I can’t wait! Can you?



It’s been a while, and by that, I mean a LOOONG while. I have been rather busy, and have not been updating my blog. But I am now announcing something very special. Enjoy.

Tipper Turnfield: In which I am NOT dead. (Part 12)

Well, I’m not dead. This is the first thing I need to communicate. I may have taken a tumble, but I am not dead. I woke up in Castle Rolk in a cot with Morph snoring nearby. What had happened? I studied Morph and I jolted alert, memories flooding in. I remembered the Jeznik, and the strange Elves, and I remembered a shockwave of gale force knocking me out, then the view changed. These were Morphs memories. Him surrounding me with his mist, and carrying back to Rolk. Before I got too sentimental, however, Morph, yet again, jolted me back to reality and told a crucial piece of information. Nobody knew I was here. “Hey, Morph, can you do that invisible thing?” He vanished, though part of me knew exactly where he was. “Can you make me like that too? He looked at me expectantly, and sent out a clear mental message: “Try it.” He wasn’t speaking, but I could understand what he was saying. I thought like I had with the Jeznik, and the world once again burst into a cloud of mist, and I was obscured. “Great.” I thought, “Now for some incognito research.”


The Library of Rolk, though not comparable to the Golden Library of the Elves, was sizeable, and had information even the Elves did not have. I looked around at the rows of books, feeling proud. Most of the information in these books was based off messengers findings, as we were not only messengers, but Rolk’s main source of information. For this was not an ordinary library, but a vault of intelligence, locked away to the public. Messengers, even Forerunners, were only allowed in here for a need-to-know basis, in other words, we were only allowed to go in, grab the book needed for our mission, read it in a separate chamber with a guard watching over you, put the book back, and go out. The security seemed overkill, but some of Rolk’s, and the entire kingdom of men’s greatest secrets resided here. Still invisible, I scanned the shelves for the book I needed, where the secrets of Nengo Vikta, the most famous Forerunner, resided. Its name?                                                                          “On Dragons”

The Green Ember Series: Under Review.

greatembarThe header might be ember rising, but I’m reviewing the WHOLE series, so yeah.

Going into this series, I was unsure if I’d really like the books. Pro: It was S.D Smith, who is looked on as a literary genius around homeschoolers. Con: It’s about rabbits. Pro: Everyone we know loves these books. Con: IT’S ABOUT RABBITS. Pro: Everyone said that the characters were great. I was in indecision. One day I decided to start reading the Green Ember, and here I am now. Just like last time, I’m starting with the stuff I didn’t like about them.

First of all the titles: 1rst book: The Green Ember. Appropriate. 2nd book: Ember Falls. Not as much. The Ember certainly does fall, but I don’t get why it’s called “Ember Falls” and the third book is called “Ember Rising” If it were good grammar, it would be: falling, rising, or falls, rises. Also am I the only one who thought “Ember Falls” is a waterfall? The third book’s title is the most atrocious, however. “Ember Rising” Sounds good, right? Sounds like the good guys win in the end, right? Wrong. I mean…sort of. Two cities are taken from the bad guy’s control. Yay! The bad guy’s right-hand man gets killed. Yay! The green ember falls down a deep pit and dies. Ya….wait. What? I wouldn’t call this book ember falls more, oh no. I call it “Ember Waivers” as bad things happen and good things happen. The Fourth book I would call Ember Rising, where they beat the bad guy and…. oh wait. There isn’t one (He might be writing it I dunno.”). They literally leave you off with, the good guys are winning. The main character is dead…or wait!!!!!!! [Insert Credits] They just leave you off with that….. Congratulations! You’ve finished the series! You get confusion and frustration. There’s a good 50/50 that Heather’s dead, and a good 25/75 that Smalls is alive/dead. And I’m supposed to live with that?! That’s like leaving Frodo and Sam on mount doom after sauron is defeated… except in this book, Sauron isn’t defeated! I also can’t believe that Ellie had not one but two interviews with S.D and she never asked “Is Heather Dead?” Ok, my rant is over, time for the good stuff.

The characters. Oh the characters. The first thing that caught my eye in this book was the characters. Picket…. is written beautifully, Heather…… WAS written beautifully (She ded now). For the people who didn’t read the book……… Bunny good, wolf and bird bad. King bunny had a green thing and gave it to little king bunny. King bunny got betrayed by evil bunny, and king bunny dead now. Little king bunny have green thing, fight wolf and bird. He died. (Maybe.) Little Queen bunny in charge. Heather Bunny have green thing, is in prison. Heather Bunny died. (Maybe.) Her Brother, Picket Bunny fight and liberate prison. Bad Bird not dead. Little Queen Bunny and Picket Bunny have to fight Bad Bird…… In the ever-elusive fourth book. That is a short summary.  The books also have illustrations, too, so when you start thinking the characters as humans, you see the illustrations, and you’re yanked back into Bunny-World.  The plots are excellent, great books. Also, a thing I realized, The Green Ember series has the whitest pages I have ever seen. They are so… white.  That’s basically all my opinions on the series, if you want to know more about the books, READ EM. That’s my only advice.

See Ya!

Edit: Sorry if I seemed a little too angry in this one, I really did like the books and there will probably be a fourth one, but if you read and loved the books as much as me, I guarantee you would be just as destroyed as I was writing this.

Tipper Turnfield (Part 11) In Which I Find A Name.

Is this the collab? It is not, as my writers have a very busy school year ahead of them. So I am just writing a single segment. 😦

The days stretched into weeks, and the weeks stretched into months, and before I knew it, me and my dragon (Still not named) were finally assigned a solo mission, something that I’ve been hoping and dreading for a while now. I have always been part of a big family, so I also am naturally afraid of being alone. At first, I was terrified of the prospect of just me all alone, but then my not-so-little-anymore ball of fuzz came, and my brain was basically split. Even if (I’m so tired of calling him dragon but Terra said I had to wait for a proper name) the dragon was far away, he was always there, in my head.  These thoughts whizzed through my brain as I prepared for the trek. (I will just call him grey for now) Grey was not large enough for long distance flying with me on him, so I was doing this on foot. And so, the journey began. The mission was to reach a far off mountain where supposedly something was hiding, most likely a Jeznik outpost. Get in Get out. Report back to the king. Simple. I was armed, of course, with phantom, my trusty sword of the forerunners.

A few days later, I was on high alert. The mountain of interest loomed in front of me, and it was sending out a fierce STAY AWAY vibe. There was a small forest at the foot of the mountain, and I saw some creatures scurry about. Grey looked interested. “All right, you can hunt for some meat, you must be pretty hungry after that little hike.” I told him, though my brain was saying “IHAVEABADFEELINGABOUTTHISIHAVEABADFEELINGABOUTTHISIHAVEABADFEELINGABOUTTHISIHAVEABADFEELINGABOUTTHISIHAVEABADFEELINGABOUTTHIS”            Over and over. I was thinking about telling Grey to come back when a large shadow loomed over me. I quickly invented a new swear word and whispered it under my breath. The Jeznik! I had been standing there staring at Grey heading into the forest and I forgot all about not being seen! I whirled around to see a large hulking barbarian, a Jeznik. I ducked as he swung his club at me, and struck with phantom. Out of nowhere a second and third brute deflected my swing and knocked phantom out of my hand. I was surrounded. If things could go worse, it did. In my mind, Grey’s presence went dim. No! I thought about him, thought about how I bonded with him, and concentrated on his face. The world erupted with mist. I woke up a dozen feet away, and saw phantom laying in the grass before me. I grinned. I thought of my dragon and a name sprung into my head. Morph. Whatever that meant, my dragon’s true name was Morph. I shook off my thoughts and plunged back into combat, I felt stronger, more focused. A Jeznik sung his mighty club at me….. and I simply……vanished. And appeared right behind the brute. I stabbed him between the shoulder blades, than teleported to my next target. With my newfound ability, the last two went down with ease. I wanted to do a victory dance, but then remembered Morph. I raced into the treeline, scanning the forest. The closer I got to the mountain, the foggier it seemed to get. Strange. There! Morph was peacefully snoring away on the ground. I looked up, and then gasped. A wall of mist separated me from the mountain. I woke up Morph and told him what happened. He pranced around in delight when I told him his name. “Now, what made you fall asleep?” I drew phantom and without warning, the mist slowly was sucked into my sword. “I didn’t know it could do tha….” I stopped at marveled at the sight before him. A city. Full of – strange Elves. “Oh this is good”. I said “A whole city of weird Elves, built into the mountain.” ” This is what is populating the mountain, not Jeznik! Let’s take a closer look.” Suddenly a malevolent scream erupted. “GO!”  I screamed, and run and hard as I could, away from that mountain. The funny thing is, I nearly made it.


Sorry about the cliffhanger, I wasn’t originally going to put that in, but then suddenly…..


Hey! Sorry I haven’t wrote in a while, but I am getting over three burns, a head wound, four red ant bites, and a severe case of allergies. Why am I writing an update? First of all, I’m not doing Tipper, the reason for that I will share at the end of this update. There are a lot of “Under Reviews” coming but they take a lot of work…. and in some cases a micro sd card…. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I’ll have a more consistent schedule in the fall. Why? Well, a big reason is that, in september, I’m getting a plan for this blog. Which means…. I can post media files! Which is great. Also, here is a sneak peak at a new upcoming collab series that I will do with Anna once she’s done with her story. Here it is:



Sounds pretty cool, right? Anyway this is why I’m not doing tipper this week. I’m calling together some buddies to write the next chapter with me. I will write a tipper segment, Anna will write a Naren or possibly a Morgana segment, and I’m calling out to Micah, Ellie, and possibly little Anna, to pitch in with a Tibeon segment, a Terra one, and possibly a Lark segment. More details, on like, what to write about, will be provided in an email maybe next wednesday. I’ll also make a Google Doc for everyone to write on then, too. See ya!

Day of Dust: Under Review


Book Reviews! Everyone’s favorite. I have dabbled in them before, but it didn’t work out too well, so I’m doing it a different way this time. I was going to do Hattie Big Sky first, but…. Well, do you know how difficult it is to edit yourself in a book cover? The one above was pretty difficult in itself, and the one for Big Sky is going to be even harder. First I thought I was going to draw myself in, but then I remembered something! My skill level in drawing is below zero. Oops! Thank goodness for Photoshop! Anyway, the book we are looking at today is Day Of Dust, a dystopian novel written by my friend Ellie Cummins.  Now there are two things you must do if your friend publishes a book.

1. You buy it. Twice. Once on kindle, once as a normal book. (Kindle so you can read it faster)

2. You try to find a character based on you in the book.
Me? I’m pretty sure I’m the errand boy, who represents Micah’s forgotten childhood. Or something like that. (Side note: I don’t think this is actually true, but it was funny the way Anna said it, so I’m still leaving it in.) Anyway, The main protagonist is a teen-aged orphaned boy named Caius Faulk. He’s having issues because he saw his parents brutally murdered. Ouch. His sister, Katia Faulk, is having issues because she DIDN’T see her parents brutally murdered. Ouch? She climbs a forbidden mountian to deal with said issues and sees her beloved town like it is on the (Cymbals crash) DAY OF DUST. What is the (Cymbals crash) DAY OF DUST? Ha ha ha can’t tell you it’s SPOILERS! Katia runs down the mountain and finds Caius, who just got dinner from the grumpy baker. She tells him what she has done, and he decides that it sounded pretty darn cool. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, The guy who runs the place (Called the Administrator) has a daughter. Everyone is told she’s crazy, but actually… well, she is still kinda crazy. She sneaks downstairs and eavesdrops on her father. Who reveals the whole plot sixty pages or so in. Everything is an illusion! These things on all the people’s wrists, the cuffs, sorry I didn’t mention those, make the city look nice! The (Cymbals crash) DAY OF DUST is the one day every eight months when the cuffs fail. And they also like hide the consequences for peoples sins or something… Anyway, the girl (Vail) has to tell someone! Caius and his friend, Benton, climb up the mountain-or at least, Caius does. Benton decided to turn back before it was too late. Caius pretty much stays up on the mountain all day, while Katia is being enlightened by a girl named Anna. I wonder who that could be? Turns out it is………. Vail!!! Caius eventually gets home and Katia gives him the briefing. Now he’s convinced he needs to get out of here. He meets up with an outsider named Rudy that can give him, Katia, and Vail a ride out of there. But.. remember his friend Benton, he turned Caius in! And so, Caius is thrown in jail. Katia devises a plan to break Caius out and Vail helps. Together, they decide what must be done must be done. Vail is going to break the illusion. In the prison, Caius breaks his cuff and sees that the prison is pretty run-down. He tries to scrape away at the walls and they break! Cement, or something like it, crushes him to the floor, unable to move. Sounds Great! How’s Vail doing? She managed to break the system, and now the illusion is broken. It is a dirty grimy city. Because of this, the cuffs go haywire, shocking anyone who is wearing one. Katia and Rudy rush to help Caius and when they get there, someone else had the same idea. Benton felt bad for what he had done, so he was trying to file the lock. When the whole, cuff shocking starts, Rudy breaks Katia’s cuff, and goes to break Bentons, but he runs away. They file away at the lock until it breaks, then they unbury Caius. Meanwhile, Vail’s on fire! Back to Caius…. They run back to the city, the grumpy baker tries to kill them, they rescue Vail, and Rudy goes to get the ship he works on to take the three of them away. Caius feels guilty to leave everyone he knew here to chaos, and decides he will stay. He tells Rudy to take good care of his sister and the book ends.
This is the part when I say my opinion: Good. The end. (Just Kidding)
First: The book was decently sized, but kind of felt like a long short story. If you’ve ever read a short story, it goes like this: Characters Introduced, Plot Introduced, Climax, Resolution. This book kind of goes like that. The characters are introduced in the first few chapters, the plot is introduced in the nest few chapters, than the climax of breaking the system, then the resolution of Caius staying behind. There was not a whole lot of suspense, as things happened right after each other, but it’s not great to have too much suspense, or your reader will just drop dead. The characters were good and fleshed out, though they were all a bit dramatic at times. But all in all I have to seriously commend the author. The book was dystopian, which is really easy to get wrong, especially for a first book. But the author knew her stuff, and pulled out with a great novel. Fun Fact: Every single characters name, is real. Yup, look em up. Caius means “Joy”. Vail means “Lives in the Valley”. Anyway, this post is getting really, really, really long, so see ya!